Agile Transformation at Skandia

In August 2017, Skandia began an Agile Transformation programme to fundamentally change the way they develop and deliver software solutions. The ability to adapt to changes due to customer behaviors or market conditions is vital.

Prior to the programme, Skandia’s work culture was very much a centralized, plan driven over analytical approach. Since the introduction of the Scaled Agile Framework from IJI, they have changed to a ‘let’s get going’, experiment, trim and adjust approach that has impacted the entire business in very positive ways.

Other benefits of the transformation have included:

  • Much more transparency in daily work which results in a more open organisation and has helped with better information distribution in the organisation
  • Participation in the planning process is very beneficial to see what we commit to
  • Sorting out dependencies at an earlier stage has been very beneficial
  • Increased productivity working on the right things with the right scope and with the right timing

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