Closer Connection to the Customer with Better Predictability & Quality

Agile Transformation at SimCorp

In April 2016, SimCorp’s product division launched their first agile release train and began the journey to becoming an agile organization.

SimCorp management had the foresight to realize that going agile would require change across all levels of the organization and worked with IJI to help introduce that change. Working in a heavily governed, Waterfall approach, SimCorp made the decision to move to agile and then scale their approach using the Scaled Agile Framework. This move from a plan driven, analytic approach to a more experimental, learning approach has resulted in more value being delivered to clients more quickly.

Some benefits highlighted by employees include:

  • Closer connectivity to the customer with more useable products delivered
  • Better quality and better predictability of delivery
  • The entire product division talking the same language using the same concepts
  • More responsive delivery with the ability to demo features to clients as the teams are developing them.

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