Case studies

Deutsche Bank Logo, Leads to an interview explaining the significant benefits of their Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) transformation with IJI

Now moving into its third year since introducing the Scaled Agile Framework, the dbPalace team at Deutsche Bank is well beyond the roll-out and introduction phase and results have been significant – from a 35% increase in product delivery to a 50% reduction in defect leakage to faster on-boarding of new businesses – the team has achieved significant results winning multiple industry awards. Listen to the interview.

Essence In Practice Logo. Provides access to an IJI case study explaining how IJI helped a global telecommunications provider undertake a full-scale agile transformation using Essence Agility

An agile way of working spread to 5,000 practitioners within two years by using an Essence-based Practice Architecture A sustainable path to agility was created - teams could incrementally improve their way of working and growing Practices provided standardization which helped practitioners share and learn best practices

Nordea Corporate Logo. Provides access to an IJI case study explaining how IJI helped Nordea undertake a full-scale transformation to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Increased efficiency with teams aligned and working together Greater creativity as teams are empowered to make decisions Management aligned and supportive of agile teams

Essence Agility Training Image. Leads to a case study at a major multi-national internet provider, improving their agility.

Ivar Jacobson International provided a three-day workshop on the Essence standard to the development team at a large multinational corporation specializing in Internet services. Learn about our Essence training and what the team thought.

Image of Telecoms device. Leads to Case Study where IJI deploys Rapid and Sustainable Large-Scale Agile Adoption at Large Global Telecommunications Equipment Vendor

Achieving Agile at Scale: 700 Engineers on 72 Teams across 3 Continents. IJI empowered teams with knowledge and practical solutions for a sustainable agile transformation.

Large Asian Telecommunications Provider Case Study - Sustainable Agile Transformation

This equipment vendor needed to move from a traditional waterfall approach to an agile way of working. They decided to engage with Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) to assist them with their agile transformation. IJI was chosen because of its expertise in large-scale agile transformation and its thought leadership. SEMAT's Essence and IJI's sustainable change model were central to the equipment provider's agile transformation strategy and success.

United States Federal Government Agile Transformation

Learn how IJI helped a high profile US Federal Government project succeed with agile systems delivery, utilizing FIMSA compliant public cloud development and test environments.

Munich RE logo. Selecting this leads to a case study for IJI agile transformation with Munich Re Transforms Application Development with Lean and Agile Practices

Agile and lean ways of working adopted in a development organization spread across multiple time zones - highly adaptable way of working provides "just right" level of support for projects with diverse needs and varied risk profiles.

Global Manufacturer Adopts Risk Driven Development Approach with the help of Ivar Jacobson International

IJI helps a global manufacturer to adopt a risk-driven agile development approach, resulting in faster and more frequent delivery of business solutions.

Dutch Ministry Logo. leading to Large Program Benefits from Lean and Agile Delivery Transformation by IJI at Dutch Government

IJI helps Dutch Ministry introduce lean, lightweight and agile development approach - program team becomes self-sufficient in new way of working within six months.

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