Agile Transformation at Large Global Telecommunications Equipment Vendor

Achieving Agile at Scale: 700 Engineers on 72 Teams across 3 Continents

A Telecom Equipment Vendor chose the agile approach as the best way of meeting the improvement needs and transforming software development operations. However, simply adopting Scrum was not going to be enough due to the sheer scale of the organization.

With over 700 engineers on 72 teams across 3 continents the equipment vendor required an approach that would scale quickly and would be sustainable. IJI provided strategic advice on how to customize agile practices to fit the scale and structure of the organization, and then coaching services to roll it out to the teams.

Three-week sprints and 12-week release trains became the standard. Innovative solutions were designed for backlog management, product ownership, and shared code ownership. IJI provided a combination of proven and innovative solutions to scalable agile delivery and sustainable change; which empowered the teams with knowledge and practical solutions to problems.

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