KPN Case Study - Measuring What Matters

Better, Faster, Cheaper and Happier

KPN gains traction and hits targets with new measurement framework implemented with IJI. As an organization introduces a new and improved way of working, an effective measurement framework becomes critical. KPN was in this position as they moved to adapt their software process and methodologies. With this change came the need for more relevant measurement and reporting. Much of KPN’s previous measurement work was fragmented and it didn’t communicate very well within ITNL or across the business. In particular, the lack of meaningful targets made the vast majority of the measures very easy to ignore. The end result was information that wasn’t intuitive to ITNL - let alone to the business. People were not motivated enough to use the metrics as they weren’t clearly tied to their goals and objectives. It also meant that the measures didn’t help ITNL to engage with the business.

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