Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) and Ken Pugh Inc. announce an IP Essentialization partnership

Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) and Ken Pugh Inc. are delighted to announce a partnership to describe the practices of Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) using the Essence of Software Engineering Kernel and Language.

The newly Essentialized practices will be added to the ever-growing Essence based practice eco-system, giving organizations and teams even more flexibility as they select a way of working that is right-sized for them. The Essence and practice based approach is revolutionizing the way that the industry thinks about and presents development ‘methods’. Essence provides the architectural ‘glue’ that is helping organizations to treat software development more and more as an efficient engineering discipline rather than a cottage industry or craft. Read more about the values and use cases of Essence in Ivar’s recent article “Essence, the Standard Common Ground, in a Nutshell”.

“I am delighted to collaborate with Ivar Jacobson to Essentialize these key practices which are a primary focus of our training and consulting”, said Ken Pugh, CEO of Ken Pugh Inc. “The Essence standard with the poker-sized card paradigm is an excellent medium that helps companies apply serious gameplay to develop software effectively using these practices. At Ken Pugh Inc. we are all about helping teams deliver business value quickly by removing waste and delays in value streams. So we support anything that helps accelerate the learning cycle and bridges the gap between learning and delivery.

The momentum behind Essence and the practice based approach is growing fast, with important IP contributions like Ken’s fantastic and powerful work being added to the eco-system”, said Ivar Jacobson, CEO and Founder of Ivar Jacobson International. “The more industry contributors we get, the more compelling the motivation to switch to the Essence and practice based approach. We see interest rapidly growing in industry as well as academia and we are super excited to see the grand vision come together to accelerate and professionalize the industry.”

More information about the Essence partner network can be found on the IJI Essence Partner page.

About Ivar Jacobson:

Dr. Ivar Jacobson received his Ph.D. in computer science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, was rewarded the Gustaf Dalén medal from Chalmers University in 2003 and got an honorary doctorate at San Martin de Porres University, Peru, in 2009.

His contributions in software engineering span over 50 years starting from components and component architecture in 1968 to the essentials of modern software engineering (Essence) in 2019. In between he created Use Cases and what became the Unified Process in 1986 and he was the co-creator of UML in 1997.

Ivar is the principal author of eight books and co-author of another three.

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About Ken Pugh:

Ken Pugh helps companies develop software effectively by applying lean-agile principles and practices. He concentrates on delivering business value quickly by removing waste and delays in value streams; building in quality with Acceptance Test-Driven Development / Behaviour Driven Development; creating a collaborative environment; and evaluating return-on-investment.

He has written several software development books including the 2006 Jolt Award winner Prefactoring: Extreme Abstraction, Extreme Separation, Extreme Readability and his latest: Lean-Agile Acceptance Test-Driven Development: Better Software Through Collaboration. He is the co-creator of the SAFe® Agile Software Engineering course. Ken has helped clients and presented at conferences from London to Boston to Sydney to Beijing to Hyderabad. Clients’ industries include financial, energy, electronics, process control, manufacturing, transportation, and retail.

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