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InfoQ Article - June 2016

Key takeaways in article:

*What issues can SEMAT help address within an organisation.
*What is the best way to train people in the use of SEMAT so that its understood and used.
*Why are the SEMAT cards important?
*How can SEMAT be applied to the Enterprise, Programmes and Projects.
*How can the use of SEMAT be scaled out across your organisation.

White Paper Published April 5, 2016

Use cases have been around for almost 30 years as a requirements approach and have been part of the inspiration for more-recent techniques such as user stories. Now the inspiration has flown in the other direction. Use-Case 2.0 is the new generation of use-case-driven development—light, agile, and lean—inspired by user stories and the agile methodologies Scrum and Kanban.

Use-Case 2.0 has all the popular values from the past—not just supporting requirements, but also architecture, design, test, and user experience—and it is instrumental in business modeling and software reuse.

Essentialization will Aid Learning, Allow Simpler & Consistent Development of Extensions and More

Ivar Jacobson International is working with the DSDM Consortium to 'essentialize' the DSDM framework in order to produce a platform than can be used:

* in training to check and enhance understanding of the framework
* to define 'core DSDM' and be Foundation examinable
* to allow for the simpler and consistent development of extensions to DSDM
* to show how DSDM compliments Scrum with respect to Project Management and Governance

IJI Will Collaborate and Apply its Expertise in the Application of Software Development

September 17, 2015

BARCELONA, Spain, -- Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) today announced it has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, which aims at accelerating and promoting the business use of the Internet of Things (IoT). Ivar Jacobson International strongly supports the importance of industry-wide, international standards for easier interoperability and is keen to actively participate in framework discussions. Ivar Jacobson International is a global consulting firm working with large enterprise customers to improve the performance of software development teams while optimizing and de-risking the delivery of their technology. The announcement was made at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona Spain, being held from September 16 - 18, 2015, where IJI founder Ivar Jacobson is participating on a panel discussion.

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