Agile and SEMAT: Perfect Partners - New ACM Queue Article

Software Engineering Method and Theory Organisation (SEMAT)

This new article, published on ACM Queue, discusses how two current popular movements complement one another to provide a powerful basis for software development.

Software development does not happen in isolation. Development teams must always be cognizant of the culture, values, and principles important to the organizations they work with. Also, for business, legal, and safety-critical reasons, many organizations feel the need to apply governance to their software-development efforts.

Most agile teams find it difficult to achieve their full potential within a traditional prescriptive governance environment.

Fortunately there is a new approach that offers a perfect balance between agility, scalability and governance. By using simple checklists to assess their current state, teams can easily understand where they are, where they should go next, and how their efforts fit within any organizational governance practices they need to support.

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