Ivar Jacobson on the Essence of Software

Software Engineering Podcast with Ivar Jacobson

In this podcast, Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Ivar Jacobson about his work defining the essence of software engineering.

Key Takeaways

  • Practices from different agile methods are locked in these methods and cannot easily be extracted and used in other methods. If you want to reuse a practice from another method, you most likely will have to rewrite it so it fits in your method. Essence helps to free the practices from the method prisons.
  • Most large organisations have adopted many agile methods created by many different gurus, for instance, one method for each product. Since the different methods have very little in common (even if they could have a lot in common) different groups don’t learn from one another and people cannot easily move from one organization to another. Essence removes this problem entirely by working as a common ground for all methods and by allowing an organization to build an eco-system from which practices and methods can be selected.
  • Software development is a large expense in today’s economy – globally organisations spend more money on the development of software than any other development in their business
  • The kernel of software engineering is true irrespective of which practices, languages or tools you use

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