Creating Sustainable Change

A 5-Part ePub Series: Guidance to Scale & Sustain Agile

In this fast-paced, responsive world, software development teams are adopting agile techniques to speed up development times and reduce risks, while simultaneously becoming more responsive to the needs of their customers. Many organisations have kick-started their agile journey and many have successfully introduced agile on a team basis; however, the real challenge is ensuring that agile can scale and is sustainable as corporate plans and personnel evolve over time. Helping organizations embed, sustain and scale agile ways of working is at the heart of Ivar Jacobson International’s (IJI) expertise, skillset and intellectual property.

Chapters in this Series

1. Creating Sustainable Change: Sustainable change is about achieving consistent and lasting adoption of agile techniques across broad communities of practice - our approach helps change stick to achieve rapid self-sufficiency.

2. A Practice Based Approach: A practice-based approach enables the composition of processes from a library of practices, which ensures a consistent approach, while flexibility is achieved by composing the appropriate practices for particular types of work.

3. Communities of Practice Workplace accreditation is a simple tool that recognises an individual’s achievement and performance in a particular practice area

4. Creating a Sustainable Coaching Network: To sustain change long term requires an organisation to invest in people and to focus on building internal capability in new practices.

5. Establishing a Measurement Framework: Our Better, Faster, Cheaper, Happier approach is a proven framework based on a balanced scorecard - this ensures that some areas don’t get better at the expense of other areas.

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