Empowering Agile Teams to Achieve a Continuously Learning Organization

An ABC Guide to Leveraging Adaptive, Bite-Sized, Composable Practices

To be agile as teams, we need to adjust our approach to meet our immediate challenges and needs. To be agile as an organization, we need to learn collectively and evolve our approach over time to support our evolving mission, so that we continue to excel in an ever-changing environment.

We would not call a TV set “adaptive” if, in order to adjust the volume, we had to throw it away and replace it with a model with a different volume setting. So why are we prepared to accept process frameworks that leave us in a similar predicament every time we want to improve our product development performance as an organization? There’s a better way. This is a 9-part series with each piece in the series arriving in your inbox a few days after the previous.

The series provides a step-by-step guide to a better way to achieve the goal of agile teams within a learning organization through the use of adaptive, bite-sized, composable practices.

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