Industrial Scale Agile: Challenges and Solution Strategies

Reproducing the Successes of Agile Ways of Working at Ever Increasing Scales

Industrial-scale agile means that agile at any-and-every scale is business-as-usual for an organization, across its entire portfolio, and that this capability is continuously sustained and strengthened.

This paper examines two leading frameworks that provide guidance on how to achieve success within this kind of “complexity at scale” challenge space:

  • David Snowden’s Cynefin framework
  • Max Boisot’s I-Space framework.

From these it distils three key common critical success factors:

  • Having a shared language and conceptual framework
  • Evolving a set of “good practices” available for selection and use by experts
  • Forging a flexible knowledge dissemination strategy that enables the right approach to be adopted to achieving different communication goals – anything from word-of-mouth within a team, through to more formal codification and broader dissemination of shared practices.

SEMAT and the OMG Essence kernel and language clearly have a key role to play in all three.


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