SAFe® Executive Briefing

An Overview of Scaled Agile Framework® for Senior Managers, Executives and Decision Makers

Who is this for?

Executives and senior managers within larger software enterprises that are exploring the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as a solution for adopting agile at scale. Aimed at the evaluation stage of SAFe, prior to making and commitments to adopting it. Provides sufficient information to support decision making without descending into excessive detail.

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What's the Approach?

Duration: Half Day

Delivered by experienced SAFe Certified consultants, this half-­day briefing is aimed at organizations exploring SAFe, considering whether it is right for them, and seeking senior management buy-­in. The session explores SAFe at a high-level, how it benefits organizations, and how to successfully adopt it.
Firmly aimed at executives, the briefing will provide them with sufficient knowledge to determine whether SAFe is the appropriate way forward for their organization. The briefing covers the underlying principles upon which the SAFe framework is based, an overview of the processes within SAFe, and typical adoption strategies.
Opportunities will also be provided for discussions on the business and technical drivers for the adoption, and examining some of the challenges and benefits associated with a SAFe adoption.


To provide senior managers and decision makers with:

  • A basic understanding of agile and lean principles applied at scale
  • Sufficient knowledge of SAFe and how to implement it to allow them to make informed decisions about adoption
  • An understanding of the impact of SAFe on their organization, and challenges likely to be encountered
Topics Covered:
  • Lean and agile practices at scale
  • An overview of SAFe
  • The Team, Program and Portfolio levels in SAFe
  • Agile Release Trains (ARTs)
  • SAFe and architecture
  • Leadership and SAFe
  • Roles and skills required for SAFe adoption
  • Implementing SAFe within an organisation
  • SAFe adoption strategies
  • SAFe case studies
  • Knowledge of the potential benefits that SAFe can bring and examples from SAFe adoption within other organizations
  • Q&A session

Maximize Your Agile Investment with IJI and SAFe®

  • Maximize your capability uplift from SAFe
  • Speed the transition to self-sufficiency with SAFe
  • Minimize productivity dips during transition

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