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Who is this for?

For organizations who have made the decision to adopt SAFe®, and are about to start SAFe adoption planning. The SAFe Readiness Assessment will provide guidance on when and where to adopt SAFe, and outline a strategy for successful implementation. It will also identify any potential risks, issues or barriers that may threaten SAFe adoption, and advise on mitigation options.

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What's the Approach?

  • Duration: 1-2 weeks depending on number and size of programs in scope
  • Approach: Consulting, Workshops, Planning Sessions

Our approach is based primarily around individuals and interactions that occur, rather than the processes and tools currently in place. We work in an agile, iterative manner and demonstrate progress on a regular basis. All aspects of the portfolio will be considered in order to provide a comprehensive assessment of the applicability of SAFe® across the enterprise, and to establish what actions would be required to make SAFe adoption successful. We will also look at how the existing organizational structures map onto the roles and responsibilities within SAFe, identify potential skills gaps, and outline a tailored training program to ensure rapid transformation.

SAFe Adoption Support

What are the Objectives?

  • Assess the suitability of SAFe (or elements of SAFe) for use as a framework for running your existing programs and the benefits it would provide
  • Understand the impact of SAFe adoption on your teams, programs and portfolios
  • Determine the readiness of your programs to adopt SAFe and in particular its approach to running and steering the Agile Release Train (ARTs)
  • Understand how the adoption of SAFe would allow the portfolio to balance supply and demand
  • Identify any risks, impediments and barriers to the successful adoption of SAFe
  • Define a strategy for the successful adoption of SAFe
  • Determine the readiness of the Portfolio and Program Management teams to adopt SAFe’s lean and agile approach to funding, monitoring and driving the ARTs


Maximize Your Agile Investment with IJI and SAFe®

  • Maximize your capability uplift from SAFe
  • Speed the transition to self-sufficiency with SAFe
  • Minimize productivity dips during transition
SAFe Adoption Support

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