Scaled Agile Framework® Refresh

Re-invigorate SAFe® Teams and Program Level Agile Practices

Who is this for?

Has your Scaled Agile Framework® implementation become a little flat? Have your release trains derailed or are your PI sessions getting longer and longer? Perhaps some areas have slipped back into their old, less agile ways, often without realising it, but predictability and value delivered may be falling. If so, this refresh approach can assist.

What's the Approach?

Our SAFe® Refresh Program is designed for existing SAFe users to re-invigorate team and program level agile practices. Based around a set of facilitated agile self-assessments, serious games and hands-on workshops, IJI will help your teams to uncover and address systemic problems and help take agile to the next level.

  • Gap analysis
  • SAFe® process improvement
  • Team & program coaching
  • Agile fitness health check
  • and more

Maximize Your Agile Investment with IJI and SAFe®

  • Maximize your capability uplift from SAFe
  • Speed the transition to self-sufficiency with SAFe
  • Minimize productivity dips during transition

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