Portfolio Epics

Epic Slicing

Epics are the work item that the Portfolio deals with. Their description within the Scaled Agile Framework is fairly perfunctory; it covers their formating, estimation, simplistic forecasting and an overview of lean-startup. They are a deep topic that is very lightly treated in the framework…

How to slice epics in Scaled agile

Epic Feedback Loop

Epics need to be sizeable enough so that they have the opportunity to have decisions made around them; otherwise the opportunity to decide if this is valuable occurs only at the point where the Epic is approved to consume investment. The challenge, as we’ve seen in earlier posts, becomes that larger Epics struggle in the WSJF, the smaller ones will win…

How to find feedback for epics in Scaled agile

Epic Flow

If the work is flowing through faster than the rate at which the feedback cycle is capable of providing proof that the work has generated value then it’s just work being done rather than value generation…

Understanding the flow of SAFe Epics

Epic Lifecycle

Epics don’t appear fully formed, there is a lifecycle that they progress through. This articles examines the states in that lifecycle.

Scaled Agile Epic Lifecycle and States

Enabler Epics

An investigation into why Enabler Epics behave differently from Enabler Features and Stories.

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