Agile at Scale Essentials Practice Pack

Modular Practices Addressing Common Scaling Agile Challenges

Is your current software development approach a poor fit for the varied challenges your organization is facing? Many ‘one-size-fits-all’ frameworks are designed for specific types of organizations and types of development. Although they can work extremely well for some organizations they are not a fit for everyone and often require a wholesale ‘rip & replace’ process change that can be risky and disruptive.

The IJI Agile at Scale Essentials Practice Pack consists of ten modular agile practices, each designed to address a common challenge associated with scaling agile. Organizations can use them as starting points to evolve their own tailored organizational practice library. Over time, organizations will build confidence and skills to select the right practices for the right challenges, and to adapt and extend their practices to both respond to and drive organizational learning and change.

A Modular Tailored Approach

A modularized set of interchangeable practices that enable organizations to scale agile smoothly as part of a tailored transformation program that delivers value early and often, and builds a flexible and long-lasting library of practices, able to flex and grow over time in response to changing technology and business challenges.

Agile at Scale Big Picture