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Ensuring Quality of Delivery at Red Hat

Essence takes a few hours to set up - rather than days or weeks

For Red Hat Consulting, Essence in particular provides a common language, between Red Hat and our customers and also between different groups internally. This is important as we are usually working with leading edge, emerging technology, in pilot or startup environments and its important that the consulting team and the organisation working with us have a common understanding of the problem and possible solutions. Essence provides a framework for doing this which takes a few hours to set up, rather than days or weeks.

Essence also has some other benefits for us:

-it provides repeatable practices/activities; reuse ensures quality of delivery and provides a route for on-boarding new people to the team.
- means of navigation; knowing where you are in a complex project or in a series of projects.

The use cases I see may be different from the initial ideas and intentions for SEMAT Essence, but it has potential for Red Hat Consulting, where other design and project management approaches are either wrong or too intrusive.

Malcolm Herbert
Director, Consulting
Red Hat

  • Essence provides a common understanding of the problem and possible solutions
  • It can be set up in a few hours rather than days or weeks
  • Essence provides visibility to know where you are in a complex project or in a series of projects
Ed Seymour, Cloud Domain Architect, Red Hat discusses Essence

Essence at Red Hat

In this talk, Ed Seymour from Red Hat looks at how Essence helps Red Hat manage an assortment of approaches when working with varied and disparate clients; how it provides a consistent view across all projects irrespective of the approach taken. Furthermore, he looks at how Essence is helping Red Hat patch the holes in existing approaches, and providing a framework for developing new practices to support evolving techniques, and emerging technologies.