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A Common Language @ Fujitsu

SEMAT is Vital to Uniting Groups Working Toward a Common Goal

In my role in Fujitsu I have ownership of our application process. In addition I manage and work with our Solution Owner and CTO groups who have to define and create solutions across the whole aspect of system design bringing together multiple processes and methods in order to create solutions that will work and meet our customers’ needs while being costed correctly. In the ever global business we also now need to stitch together different processes and methods from Fujitsu’s global organization and vast ecosystem of partners.

In this context I believe that having SEMAT is vital to being able to deliver great solutions and ensure that we have a common language for defining and integrating different groups needing to work together to a common goal. Equally it’s a great way for communicating to end customers and across governance and assurance reviews the state of projects and allowing gaps to be quickly identified and closed in the teams. I strongly believe that this now needs to be brought into industry and embedded as a gold standard and this is the area I want to help drive by joining the SEMAT executive group.”

We currently live in an disruptive age where the standard industry processes and thinking are constantly being challenged. This disruption is changing the ways Fujitsu customers are looking to engage and the manner that Fujitsu has to respond to deliver end to end solutions. It is therefore becoming more vital than ever that a common and firm foundation can be used to act as the anchor point to deliver successfully. SEMAT is this anchor point.

Ste Nadin, Chief Architect, Business and Application Services, Fujitsu Services

Different Methods Delivered in a Unified Manner

In this presentation Ste Nadin explores how Essence from practical experience has been used to allow successful delivery. He looks at instances where both Fujitsu has worked in partnership with customers as well as different parts of Fujitsu with different methods delivering in a unified manner.