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Monitor Agile Progress & Health

A common language can help define the health of a project

All IT Delivery Leaders dread that stomach churning moment when it becomes clear that a key IT project that had only been broadcasting positive messages suddenly sets alarm bells ringing. Zero warning Armageddon is the worst possible scenario to face as the person responsible for delivery. Why didn’t you know is the accusation you will face! Software Development Methods in use today do not provide easy ways to really understand the health of endeavors and make it far too easy for well-intentioned managers to put a positive spin on progress and still meet their reporting requirements. “Well, we had a signed-off Software Architecture Document” will not appease the CIO when the failure hits the newspaper headlines.

  • Allows Value Delivery Leaders to understand the health of key endeavors and monitor the health of their portfolio overall.
  • Allows Teams to check the health of the endeavor they are working on.

Using Essence to Deliver Together - Practical Experience at Fujitsu

Using the simple power of Essence, IJI can help you establish an effective, lightweight, method independent governance framework that will allow you to check the real health of a Software Development Endeavour. Additionally we can help you visualize the health of all the key initiatives in your Portfolio helping you see which ones have the potential to be the next bad headline so you can do something about it before it is too late.

Our Essence Starter Pack Provides

Help protect your organization from unexpected project failures by getting an insight into the real health of your software development endeavors.
  • What the Essence Kernel is and its key structures and components.
  • How to unleash the power of the Kernel to make objective judgements about how far various elements of a project have progressed.
  • How to undertake an Essence based health check on a software development endeavor.
  • How to interpret and present the results of the health check
  • How to visualize the health of multiple endeavors to help spot the areas of most risk in your Portfolio
  • How to establish a regular health checking cadence to protect your organization from lurking danger.