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Use-Case 2.0

Use-Case 2.0 – The Agile Way of Doing Use Cases

Use-Case 2.0 ‘slices-up’ use cases to provide an iterative agile approach that can provide just-enough information as needed or can be zoomed-in for more detail. Use-Case 2.0 with its use-case slices includes the equivalent of user stories for the backlog, provides test-driven design, assists in designing user experiences, and most importantly scales to an enterprise or product line level.

In some cases user stories are enough, but not when the number of user stories begins to grow, or when you develop enterprise systems for banks, insurance, telecom operations, defense or other large scale or regulated industries. If you do develop in these environments, you may be:

  • wrestling with a big pile of technical stories but scrambling to see the big picture and associated business value
  • drowning under the number of tiny stories in your backlogs and struggling to set priorities
  • struggling to create and maintain easily accessible and lightweight documentation for support and maintenance
  • finding it difficult to understand and manage your growing set of test assets.

Nicole de Swart Interviews Ivar Jacobson on Use-Case 2.0

On April 21, 2015, Nicole sat down with Ivar at the Use-Case 2.0 conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nicole came prepared with questions from her business analyst community in the Netherlands.