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Are you ready for Internet+

Dr. Jacobson's Keynote Address at Internet+

**This keynote address is in English with Dr. Jacobson pausing for Chinese translation. **

Dr. Jacobson addressed the growing demands that Internet + will place on software development. It is the 3 rd industrial revolution preceded by the Industry Revolution and the Internet Revolution. Software industry needs many development methods both older methods (waterfall) and agile methods, both for large scale and small scale projects. Monolithic methods such as RUP, SAFe, DAD, LESS, SPC and Ignite are impossible to compare and to reuse ideas from across the board of methods. Practices such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban, user stories. etc., which Dr. Jacobson called fragmented practices, are just fragments of what you need and it is quite difficult to compose them into complete methods. To address these problems Dr Jacobson suggested:

  • To be able to compare and reuse all of these practices and methods they need to be built on top a common ground. The new Essence standard is that common ground.
  • The practice concept in Essence makes the existing big methods (SAFe, DAD, LESS, etc.) modular and not monolithic, so users can pick and choose the practices they prefer from a library of practices. The fragmented practices can easily be composed into complete methods.

This is valuable to all software development efforts, but of course most important to larger-scale endeavors. When it comes to Internet+ (or Industrial Internet) the need for many methods is larger than ever before. Successful companies will need to base their methods on Essence and build practice libraries.