What you need for IoT: Smarter Methods

Dr. Jacobson Presents at IoT Solutions World Congress, October 2016

The IoT with its expected huge number of products will need a multitude of methods. Mandating a one-size-fits-all method was an old dream that never worked in practice.

Sixty years of having monolithic methods in system development is also enough. Let’s break the tyranny using smarter Essence-based methods.

Essence is a game-changer that can help you harness the principles of disparate software methodologies to accelerate adoption and deliver value. A modular standard, approved by the Object Management Group, it provides a method-agnostic, common language for re-using software practices. Companies using Essence have seen dramatic cost-savings, process improvements and even new business creation. Essence enables configuration of agile methodologies into smaller bite-sized practices.

Watch the video or download a pdf of the slides.

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