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How to Remain Competitive by Becoming a Learning Organization

It’s been said that the only real sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to learn faster than the competition. Mechanisms can be put in place to encourage and facilitate this learning and growth.

Many of the learning opportunities are not just from within, but also from knowledge outside of the organization, and it can be bewildering to make sense of all this information.

There are many software development processes and practices, often competing with each other, yet sharing similarities and overlapping ideas. They are described in many different ways that makes it difficult to mix and match the best parts to suit your own circumstances. If only we could separate them from one another, understand the benefits they offer, and know when they should be used.

The OMG Essence standard describes for the first time precisely what practices are, in a sensible, re-usable way. It shows how to capture the knowledge in an easily accessible form using cards. This encourages people to read, assimilate, and apply the practices. It also organizes the practices in such a way that they can be composed to form processes that can evolve over time by adding new practices.

The combination of capturing proven knowledge in useful chunks and the ability to disseminate it effectively throughout an organization makes for a truly learning organization that can only become more powerful into the future.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The characteristics of a learning organization and proven enabling structures and mechanisms
  • What is a practice, where they come from, and what makes a good practice
  • How to describe a practice in a powerful yet lightweight way in a deck of cards
  • How to mix and match practices together into a consistent way of working
  • The use of cards and games to explore existing processes and select new practices to adopt
  • How practices are the ideal unit of knowledge for adoption by teams and for driving large scale sustainable change initiatives in organizations

This session was first presented as a webinar on 18th June 2014.

Download a copy of the slides below

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