Agile Learning Games

Agile Practice Spotlight

Conduct an in-depth analysis of elements of your Practice to understand them better.


  • Choose which practice elements you wish to inspect (eg Important Activities, Practice Values). Consider using Practice Patience or Practice Prioritization to select which elements to inspect.
  • Take each element in turn and place in the center of the canvas.
  • Arrange any other cards that relate to it around the Inspection Element.
  • Draw arrows from the Inspection Element to the other cards and describe the relationship.
  • Use notes to add any other things that are important from outside the practice.
  • Discuss what this tells you and whether you want to take any actions as a team.


  • Play turn-based or collaboratively.
  • This game works well played regularly with a small number of elements each time rather than the whole practice.
  • Play in multiple groups and compare results to see how well the elements are understood across your team or teams.
  • Ideally, do this as a team in Essence in Practice TeamSpace™.
Agile Practice Spotlight Image

Agile Practice Mapping

Embed an understanding of key concepts by re-creating a practice from its elements.


  • Select a practice, set of elements, workflow or other subject to map.
  • Arrange the cards or tokens on a canvas or board in meaningful locations.
  • Draw arrows between related items and give meaningful names to the relationships.
  • Add other significant elements, tokens or notes to the diagram.
  • Present back by walking through the diagram, telling the story of how the concepts work together.


  • Use this game to reflect on how well (or not) you understand a practice.
  • This game can be used to map out a team’s way of working. Start with the trigger for new work and walk through everything the team does through to completion. Include Essence cards for practices they use and use sticky notes for practices that don’t have cards.
  • Use this as a practice retrospective and generate actions based on your observations.
  • Ideally, do this as a team in Essence in Practice TeamSpace™.
Example of an Agile Practice Mapping Board

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