Essence WorkBench

Bring your practices to life with Essence WorkBench™ (formerly TeamSpace) and become the ultimate high-performing team.

Let Live Guidance™ (an industry first) and practice wisdom guide you through the troubled waters of software development. Select and tailor your ways of working and create virtual team-rooms to track progress, plan next steps and keep everyone on the same page in an industry standard way.

As you work, it’s like having a team of experts always to hand, giving you brief focused advice and timely reminders just when you need it. That’s Live Guidance™!

Elements of the Essence Practice in Teamspace

Understand the essentials of your Practices!

Interactively explore a map of practice elements and how they relate to each other. 

- What does each Activity achieve?
- What Competencies do we need?
- What Patterns apply (Principles, Roles, Techniques)?

See where you are in your Endeavor

Status and health visible to everyone on the element map as the items get checked off. Key items such as Requirements or Team go through a defined lifecycle from state to state which helps track status and health. Every state has a simple checklist to help you determine which state you are in. Live Guidance™ indicates the next state you should focus on and shows which activities will help you achieve it. When you progress and update the state, this cycle continues.

Agile Progress Check with Essence Image

Plan your next achievements

If you know where you are, Essence WorkBench guides you on what to do next! Use your existing tools to manage small individual things like your Product Backlog items. BUT where do you consider the really important things like the Opportunity you are trying to address or your Stakeholders? Let the states and checklists here guide you on the key things to achieve next. Create To-Do’s from them which automatically pick up the checklist items that focus on a successful outcome. You can even synchronize these larger strategic To-Do’s with Jira and manage them all in one familiar place. Learn how here!

Essence Example Card - To Do image

Adapt Practices

Adapt and evolve Practices to suit your own needs.

Capture what makes you unique and evolve how your team works over time.  Add your own new elements or bring in whole new pre-defined practices.

Adapt and Evolve your Agile Practices with Essence

Active not Passive

The mobile practice content accessed through the QR Code is just for static lookup. In Essence Workbench however it is interactive! You can see how elements relate to one another and check items off as you go as a tea , editing or adding your team specific information.

Easier To Modify

With Essence WorkBench, practice cards can easily be extended to meet the needs of the team. The team can add project-specific data to each card, attaching their Definition of Done to the Definition of Done card for example, or pointing from the Product Backlog card to their active Product Backlog.  All of this is done in virtual Team Rooms which are private by default but can be shared if needed.

Easier to  Learn

Practice authors have already distilled the essence, the important stuff, so you don’t have to wade through the waffle to find the key information. Information is presented on cool poker sized cards which have been designed for serious  game-play  to accelerate learning.

Easier to  Use

With just the key information that you need at your fingertips, it is easier to see the big picture and focus the team on the right things.  Essence WorkBench gives live guidance actively driving the “plan, do, inspect, adapt” cycle by clearly indicating the current status, options for next steps and guidance on how to achieve the next advances.

Don't just take our word for it!

Essence WorkBench uses the industry standard of Essence to organise and represent all of the practice content seen above. The Essence standard has been agreed by many organisations and academic institutions and is managed by the OMG international open standards consortium.

Jeff Sutherland Scrum and Essence

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