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Introduction to the Scrum Essentials

IJI has recently had the pleasure of working with Jeff Sutherland on a set of Essence cards that faithfully represent the Scrum Guide. As well as acting as a handy physical, and online glossary, the cards can be used to play games and help us all get better Scrum…

Scrum Essentials Card image

Game Play with Practice Patience

An important part of Scrum is for the team to regularly inspect itself and create a plan for improvements. This team game utilises the Essence cards to identify and prioritize these improvements, and in this example we’ll do it for Scrum itself…

Example Scrum Essentials Game image

Practice Patience: An Experience Report

This Scrum team got hold of the Scrum Essentials cards, printed their own deck, made their own board and played the Practice Patience game for themselves. They’ve been a Scrum team for over 6 months and so are used to holding the more traditional open ‘brainstorming’ style of retrospectives. Here’s their experience with the cards…

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Learn with Practice Mapping

To truly understand a subject area it is important to know more than just individual concepts, but also how they relate to each other. A concept map can be used to organise and structure knowledge and depict these relationships…

Scrum Essentials Practice Mapping image

Practice Mapping – An Experience Report

You may have thought “Why bother with this particular game? Just give people a standard ‘right’ answer!” We could do that but seeing a diagram or reading words doesn’t necessarily change our views and often we hold on to our original thoughts about a subject regardless of new information coming in. The power of this game is to see inside the mind of others and have useful discussions about the results…

Scrum Games - Example Results Image

Contract Bridge – Defining your Business Relationship

In the 6th blog of our series, Brian and Ian present the Contract Bridge game played with the Scrum Essential cards. The game is useful wherever there is a perceived boundary between a Scrum Team and its customers…

Scrum Cards Contract Bridge Game image

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