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Begin your journey to Essence - make the step-change to sustainable software development excellence!

This starter pack contains all the things you need to get started with the ground-breaking industry standard of Essence.  Essence can underpin the way your organization reasons with and meets the challenges of modern software engineering.  The pack contains the required consulting and training to get a core team up to speed with the concepts and tools to help your organization on the path to success. 


This starter pack is perfect for organizations who have heard of the buzz around Essence and want to get started in a simple way to evaluate and get ‘under the skin’ of it for real.

Not only does it provide access to the unique team productivity tool, Essence WorkBench™ (formerly TeamSpace), it provides training on the Essence fundamentals and utilizes serious gameplay with dedicated support from our experts along the way.

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Getting Started with Essence training!

Included is a two-day course, (three days when delivered remotely), that will give you all the knowledge you need to start leveraging the power of Essence with your team:

  • Learn about Alphas from the Essence standard, and how they represent important dimensions of every development project that you need to monitor
  • Experience an innovative way to help teams improve their way of working by starting from where they are – without throwing away the good practices they currently use
  • Explore Essence as a way of measuring progress and health regardless of the method or practices being used

Developed by the authors of the best selling book “The Essence of Software Engineering: Applying the SEMAT Kernel”, the course is designed to be an immersive and interactive experience. It is light on slide-ware and heavy on interaction, exercises and serious games!

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Essence WorkBench™ Licenses for a year included!

If you know where you are,  Essence WorkBench™  guides you on what to do next!

Use your existing tools to manage small individual things like your Product Backlog items.  BUT where do you consider the really important things like the Opportunity you are trying to address or your Stakeholders?

Let the states and checklists here guide you on the key things to achieve next. Create To-Do’s from them which automatically pick up the checklist items that focus on a successful outcome.

Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) or a private “on premises” installation.  Learn how here!

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Serious Gameplay to build, learn and improve ways-of-working!

Included, one of our Essence experts will take your team through the concepts of serious gameplay with Essence to get you on the path to success!

People learn better by doing…amongst other benefits, the games and teaching will help you to:

  • Understand where you are in your endeavour
  • Understand what needs to be addressed
  • Track the progress and health of the work you are doing
  • Keep endeavours in balance to avoid catastrophic failures
  • Form good sprint goals and other objectives
  • Define practice independent checkpoints, milestones and lifecycles

Expert support throughout!

Your journey through this starter pack will be guided by a dedicated Essence Master to plan all the activities described here and to ensure that your team are up and running with Essence and the practice based approach fast!


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Included, 'workshop' your way of working and get started!

  • Tailored to fit!

Rapidly achieve a shared understanding of your teams core principles and practices and agree a way-of-working that maximizes team agility, tailored to fit your exact circumstances, challenges and constraints.

  • Experience the power of Essence

Leverage the unique power of Alpha-state and Practice cards. These put the essentials for success literally into the hands of practitioners and teams.

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  • Practical application

This team workshop focuses on the practical application of Essence and Essentialized practices to achieve team success. Simulations and serious gameplay are used and applied to your actual endeavor.

  • Design for success

Put professional practices into the hands of practitioners. Empower the team to select the right practices for them. Enable controlled and continuous process improvement.

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