Essence for Successful Agile Teams

Successful agile teams are the ones that have the freedom to determine how they work... agree?

Many organisations have standard ways of working, methods that they insist that all their teams should follow.  This is done for good reason, consistency, compliance etc. but it can constrain or hamper teams if it is not done right. The idea that a single method is applicable and ‘right-sized’ for all the endeavors that an organization is working on is doomed to failure. 

Do you also agree it is foolish that...

  • Many teams blindly follow a particular agile method rather than having a practice eco-system where they can take the best ideas from many sources.
  • Teams don’t have the freedom and supporting environments to easily adapt their chosen practices to their own current challenges.
  • Teams feel that they just have to work harder and harder to get through their backlog rather than doing the right thing and working smarter.
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Ok, so you probably also agree that:

  • Closing the gap between how you’ve chosen to work and what really happens on the ground and
  • Having a shared view of where you are and 
  • Having a clear focus on your next essential achievements

…are critical success factors for your team(s).

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Then Essence is for you because:

  • It gives your team the freedom to choose from the proven industry practices they want, to mix and match them from different sources and to adapt them to work in their context.
  • It provides clarity on how your team works with all the key things you need to know summarized on cards and available to all through just a browser. No more circular discussions in your Retrospectives based on conflicting opinions of practices and more guided discussions around the definitive facts on the cards.​
  • It depicts a universal big picture of the key challenges that all teams face with clear simple checklists that can be used in your Sprint Reviews to see where you are, and to also help with planning your next objectives in Sprint Planning. This holistic view reduces the risk of your team missing the big important things you need to progress that exist beyond the items on your Product Backlog.​
  • It enables Live Guidance™ for your team that helps determine your current state, then highlights what to focus on next and how to achieve it. It is like having the world experts for each practice on your team, giving you bite-sized actionable advice just when you need it, minimizing the gap between the theory and how your team really works.

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