Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

The Purpose Of Lean Portfolio Management

The collection of blogs available via the READ MORE button in this section, explore:

  • The purpose of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) in general
  • The Purpose of LPM with a solution focus and
  • The various styles of Portfolios that we have encountered whilst helping organizations establish Lean Portfolios
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Watch the LPM tutorial series

Brian Tucker is a SAFe™ Fellow, expert SPCT and has probably trained more SPC’s than anyone else in the world. In this free online tutorial series from Brian, he will take you through how agile teams can be organised to scale to an efficient agile enterprise. In three videos, Brian will build up the enterprise model from scratch.

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Training from the Best!

We provide training in a wide variety of subject areas (including LPM) in support of team and organization software development excellence!  We provide training for direct online booking via the button below, or can provide bespoke or standard training provision privately for organizations both as onsite, physically delivered training courses or remotely via electronic means.

Portfolio Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)

A series of blogs exploring the challenges of utilising the Weighted Shortest Job First prioritisation mechanics at the Portfolio Level:

  • WSJF using Total Epic Effort
  • WSJF using Predicted Duration
  • WSJF using Experimental Effort
  • WSJF; what would Don do?
  • WSJF considering Risk factors


WSJF at Portfolio level example image

Portfolio Epics

A series of blogs exploring Scaled Agile Portfolio Epics, including:

  • Slicing
  • Feedback Loops and…
  • Flow
  • Enabler Epics
  • Epic Ownership
Scaled Agile Portfolio Epics image

Managing Agile Investments

A series of blogs exploring agile investment management, including:

  • Projects
  • Value Streams
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • The Flow Of Money
  • Estimating Effort or Expense?
Agile Investments image


A series of blogs exploring various Roadmap strategies, including:

  • Portfolio Roadmapping
  • Collaborative Roadmapping
  • Epic Roadmaps
Agile Roadmaps image

Portfolio Operations

An exploration of the activities and events that keep a Portfolio running and the Epics flowing.

  • Epic States
  • Portfolio Kanban
  • Portfolio Events
Agile portfolio hand-drawn image

Scaling Portfolios

A series of blogs exploring scaling beyond a single SAFe Portfolio, including:

  • Multiple Portfolios
  • Nested Portfolios
  • Combined Portfolios
  • Portfolio Topologies

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