Portfolio Roadmapping

Portfolio Roadmapping

The focus of the next few blogs is Portfolio Level Roadmapping. This first blog will look into the Why? and cover some of the challenges that Portfolio Level Roadmapping faces; later posts will cover some practical facilitation techniques and look at Epic roadmaps.

Collaborative Roadmapping

Road mapping is another activity that can benefit from the “all hands” approach that PI Planning utilises. The act of everyone creating the roadmap collaboratively generates alignment amongst the group and gets individuals with differing needs to see and understand other needs that are drawing upon the same fixed set of resources.

Epic Roadmaps

Epics often want a roadmap to forecast whether they are going to hit the key dates and deadlines that they are working towards. However, Epics don’t exist in isolation, there are often many active Epics within a Portfolio competing for space on the Agile Release Train backlogs; that needs to be factored into the Epic Road-mapping process.

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