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This article explores the synergy of Scrum and Essence.

An ABC Guide to Leveraging Adaptive, Bite-Sized, Composable Practices

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White papers, Articles

Is there a single method for the Internet of things?

Essence is instrumental in moving software development toward a true engineering discipline

Use Cases are the Hub of the Software Development Lifecycle

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Becoming better, faster, cheaper, and happier

Combining agile and SEMAT yields more advantages than either one alone.

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Standing Room Only for Dr. Jacobson's Keynote at Conference

Presentation at IOT World Congress

A Joint Presentation from DSDM & IJI

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Standing Room Only to Hear Ivar Discuss 50 Years of Software Engineering: So now what?

Dr. Jacobson to Deliver Public Lecture at Chalmers University

An Interview with Ivar Jacobson by BluePrint

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SAFe 5.0 for Lean Software and Systems Engineering

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Part of the IJI Agile at Scale Practice Pack

Part of the IJI Agile at Scale Practice Pack

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When they’re not consulting with their clients, many of our consultants find the time to put pen to paper. This resources section contains a small selection of their output, reflecting the distilled essence of many years experience solving a wide variety of software development and systems delivery challenges.