ACM Queue May/June 2020: Scrum Essentials cards - Experience from Scrum teams improving with Essence

Reading this paper must convince every Scrum practitioner that Essence makes Scrum significantly better. Essence doesn’t change the intentions of Scrum; it just make it easier to learn, easier to adopt, easier to modify if needed, and maybe most important easier to use in daily work.

Scrum Essentials is the result of a partnership between founder Dr. Jeff Sutherland, one of the two creators of Scrum, and Ivar Jacobson International, represented by Ian Spence. Jeff stood for Scrum intentions and Ian for Essence competency. Jeff had the last word!

Here some of the quotes that originally were in the manuscript, but recommended to be removed by the publisher (the paper became too long and too much marketing):

- “I learned more in 1 hour in this exercise [Building your own Scrum] than I learned in six years of doing Scrum!” /Scrum Training participant
- “This Scrum Essentials card game [Improving with Retrospectives] provided a whole new perspective on the team’s performance, attitude and even highlighted some bad cultural habits that we initially thought we had eradicated.” /Scrum Master at automotive client
- We all gained insight into aspects of being a Scrum Team that we have neglected or simply took for granted. As a team, we decided that this is probably the best tool that will keep us honest and evolving by reminding us that we always have things to learn and areas to improve.” /Scrum Master at automotive client
- “As a team we often find ourselves completely focused on the detailed backlog items, missing other things that are way more important to our overall success. The Essence Kernel opened our eyes to what else we needed to do to be successful.” /Team Member at Essence Kernel workshop

PDF for download below.


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