Use Case 2.0 eLearning Summary

This online e-learning course will equip learners with the skills and techniques necessary to effectively elicit, communicate, and manage their requirements using use cases. In particular they will learn how to drive agile projects using lightweight use cases and use-case slices. Students will then learn how to quickly and simply build a use-case model and prepare their use cases in an agile fashion. Throughout the eLearning modules, common problems and their solutions will be explored as well as summary reviews and Ivar’s top tips to remember. Reference examples and exercise solutions are also supplied.

Training Content

  • the principles behind use-case modeling
  • how to capture requirements in a use-case model
  • how to build a product backlog using use cases
  • how to slice use cases to create well-defined pieces of work for agile teams
  • how to manage scope using use cases
  • how to create a use-case model
  • where actors and use cases come from
  • how to write use-case narratives
  • how to iteratively develop the use-case narratives
  • how to manage detail
  • how to handle business rules and non-functional requirements
  • when and where to use optional features such as include and extend
  • how to drive analysis, design and testing using use cases

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