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Agile Method Prisons - Learn how Essence is the Common Ground and can unlock Methods

The world has developed software for more than 50 years. Software has changed virtually every aspect of our lives so we cannot live without it. Thus, the software industry has been very successful. We could choose to be happy and continue doing what we are doing.

However, under the surface everything is not as beautiful: too many failed endeavors, quality in all areas is generally too low, costs are too high, speed is too low, etc. Obviously, we need to have better ways of working or, which is the same, we need better methods.

This is not a new observation. Over all these 50+ years we have been searching for a better method. In some ways our methods of developing software have dramatically changed over time, in other ways they have stayed much the same. As an industry we have followed a zig-zag path moving from paradigm to paradigm and from method to method, changing very much like the fashion industry inspires wardrobe changes. Every new method adoption is generally a very expensive, demoralizing affair. It is expensive because it means retraining the software developers, the teams and their leaders. In some cases existing software may even have to be rewritten in order to work more efficiently with new software. It is demoralizing because the more experienced developers feel they have to relearn what they already know.

Companies, especially larger ones, realize that a great method provides a competitive advantage – even if it is not the only thing you need to have. They also realize that their method must be explained and explicit so that it can be applied consistently across the organization. And, they realize that one size doesn’t fit for all they do – they need a multitude of methods.

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