Why Agnostic Agile and Essence are a perfect match

Agile Methods: An Agnostic Approach

Many of the creators of Essence are also members of Agnostic Agile. Thus the need for Essence and its structure, elements and properties is based on the same values/needs shared with the founders and other members of Agnostic Agile.


  1. Agnostic Agile members have assisted in creating Essence and will help in formulating its future.
  2. Agnostic Agile will add significant value on top of Essence in formulating new practices and methods.
  3. Agnostic Agile will help in transforming companies from whatever methods and practices they use to a world where new ways of working are liberated from canned methods.

This is what the software engineering discipline has requested for years but finally has become achievable.


  1. Essence works in synergy with Agnostic Agile by recognizing an open ecosystem of methods and practices, which support individual practitioners and organizations in learning, selecting, combining, using and developing what works well for their context in an empirical, non-prescriptive way.
  2. Essence helps Agnostic Agile in supporting individual practitioners and organizations in a more and more complex world of unbound framework proliferation, uncovering what is essentially new or different and what is essentially already existing or similar and thereby providing focus and facilitating true progress.

Importantly, as Agnostic Agile and Essence can both be used in a product and process agnostic way, there may be similar value in both outside the domain of software engineering, most obviously in system engineering.

IJI’s take on Agnostic Agile is that the supporters are agnostic to any particular method framework, but selects the practices that best fit their clients. Essence is a practical enabler to this objective.

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