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How to Be Lean and Agile with Process, Checkpoints and Governance

Learn how to use simple cards and checklists to achieve lean governance for agile software development projects and programs. First presented as a webinar by Ian Spence on 23rd April 2014.

Enterprise agile adoptions often suffer one of two key impediments. Firstly: the organization tries to force-fit a single, often company specific, “one size fits all” agile method, one that typically entails levels of prescription and governance at odds with agility.

Secondly: early agile adopters succeed locally, but then fall out of governance and cannot integrate themselves back into the broader organizational units, programs, or portfolios that sponsor and fund them.

These and many other impediments can be overcome if you adopt a lean and agile mind-set towards process, checkpoints and governance.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How you can make lean and agile work in larger enterprises
  • Effective and proven ways to balance agility with governance
  • The immense power of simple check-lists for monitoring projects
  • How to build results-based checkpoints and lifecycles independent of practices being used
  • The use of cards and games to inject fresh energy into your work

This session uses Alpha State Cards and games based on The Essence Kernel, an emerging OMG standard developed by the SEMAT community.

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