Agile Essentials Starter Pack White Paper

A Starter Pack of Agile Practices Presented as a Deck of Cards

Agile rightly puts great store on the critical importance of transparency in all things at all times. To build trust and enable predictability, we need it to be transparently clear to all stakeholders what we are doing, how we are doing it, why we are doing it that way, and how well it is going - i.e. what progress are we making towards achieving the required outcomes.

The Agile Essentials puts a toolkit of productive process tools literally into the hands of software development professionals, where it can deliver value every day in prompting and guiding the team and supporting team communication and collaboration. Specifically it means codifying:

  • The critical success factors - the kinds of things that, if teams fail to do, or fail to do well, then they will consistently struggle to be successful
  • The common, useful, modular, agile practices, which deliver real value if deployed appropriately (what we might characterize as the common, basic “tools” that are available for selection from an agile practice “tool-box”)
  • The things that we should not need to change, but rather we should expect to build on and reuse as a secure foundation, as we seek to scale the application of agile across our value streams to meet ever larger and more complex challenges.

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