Alpha State Card Games - Agile Coaching Tools

Package of all Alpha State Cards Games

This instructional guide provides a brief introduction to the Alphas and presents seven different games that can be played with the Alpha State Cards by software development teams.

The use of the Alphas, and the Alpa State Cards, has many benefits for individuals, teams and organizations. These include helping you to:

  • Understand where you are
  • Understand what needs to be addressed
  • Track progress and health
  • Keep projects in balance and avoid catastrophic failures
  • Form good sprint goals and other objectives
  • Define practice independent checkpoints, milestones and lifecycles

The Alphas are incredibly powerful as they:

  • capture the key concepts involved in software engineering
  • allow the progress and health of any software engineering endeavour to be tracked and assessed
  • provide the common ground for the definition of software engineering methods and practices.

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