Writing Good PI Objectives - The Full Article!

A Glossy Amalgamation of all of our 'Writing Good PI Objectives' Articles!

Welcome to the amalgamation of a short series of articles on crafting effective, well-formed objectives as part of the SAFe® Program Increment (PI) / Big Room Planning activity. We have seen a lot of confusion surrounding the use of PI objectives; confusion that often results in:

  • Resistance to their use and;
  • The production of poorly formed team objectives that appear to be completely redundant as they just list the Features being addressed.
  • The first step to creating well-formed, useful objectives is for everyone to understand why they are so important.

Covered in this document:

  1. Why do we need PI Objectives when we have Features?
  2. Writing good PI Objectives
  3. PI Objectives and the PI Planning Process
  4. PI Objectives Beyond PI Planning: Reaffirming and Monitoring Your Commitments

Available for download is a PDF version of the articles featured elsewhere on our website, combining all of the content for offline working or study if required.

Download the glossy full pdf here!

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