Essentializing the DSDM Agile Project Framework

A Joint Presentation from DSDM & IJI

Presented by Roly Stimson, Principal Consultant, IJI and Vic Page, Director, DSDM Consortium Presented at Agile Methods Conference, February 2016, London, United Kingdom The challenges for many organizations when adopting DSDM are around mind set change, awareness and communication.

The Essence standard helps teams navigate through many of the complex challenges common in software development delivery from helping teams identify and engage with the right stakeholders at the right time in the right way, to making health and progress visible to all in a language that everyone can understand.

The Essence standard is presented in a number of tools such as a deck of Alpha State Cards, which are a simple, easy way to track status of a software project and help plan next steps. Applying Alpha State Cards with the DSDM Framework helps portray the aforementioned and enable communication between team members.

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