New Agile Methods Standard - A Market Disrupting Innovation

Agile Methods Standard Presentation at CA World - November 2016

### Essence is a Game Changer for Agile Methods Many companies are practicing team-level agile in their development shops, but relatively few have been successful at scaling and re-using agile practices to teams of teams that are leveraging different agile methods—much less across their companies and partners.

Though numerous scaling agile methodologies abound, it can be challenging to know just which one to choose or how to customize its practices for your native environment.

Now a new, cutting-edge approach can help you harness the principles of disparate software methodologies to accelerate adoption and deliver value.

Essence, a modular standard created by the Object Management Group and promulgated by SEMAT (Software Engineering Method and Theory), provides a method-agnostic, common language for re-using software practices.

Companies using Essence have seen dramatic cost-savings, process improvements and even new business creation. Essence enables configuration of the 17 best-known agile methodologies in the market into smaller, foundational atomic “bricks” of re-usable practices.

Currently the CA Technologies stack (CA PPM, Agile Central, CDM, Release Automation and Service Virtualization) is one of the unique environments that support all of these re-usable bricks of Agile practices.

This presentation was given at CA World.

Tata Consultancy Services and Ivar Jacobson International have spearheaded the creation of these market disrupting innovations in unifying and future proofing all kinds of agile methods and is helping customers like Walmart, Bank of America, Echostar \ Dish Networks and MunichRe do more for less with the Essence standard, and how it can future-proof your specific agile and continuous delivery execution pipeline.

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