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The Seven Deadly Sins of Product Management

What are the worst things you can do to compromise a team’s agility when acting as a Product Manager and dealing with teams of teams? Well the number one problem is not behaving in an agile manner. It’s not a case of which technique to use. Read this fun and easy-to-read guide by Ian Spence.

Feature Slicing Guide and Poster

One of the key activities that will help make your SAFe® program a success is the careful preparation of your Features prior to Program Increment (PI) planning. And one important part of this preparation is to slice up any of the targeted Features that are too large to be easily delivered within the PI.

This handy downloadable guide shares some of our experiences in slicing Features. And, in tribute to Richard Lawrence and his popular Story Splitting poster, the authors have provided you with a complementary Feature Slicing poster for you to use in your SAFe program. Sweet!

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