Image of some of the cards from the Essence based Method Agnostic Agility Cards used to help people learn about some key agile principles.

The following blog provides a set of free, downloadable agile coaching cards that can be used by Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and teams working in many different contexts. These cards have been developed while working outside of software and product development with government Defence teams and I’ve used these cards to teach agility and help develop an agile mind set.

Scrum Inc and Scrum@Scale through IJI training Offerings

**London (26 April 2018)** - Ivar Jacobson International (IJI), a consulting, coaching and training company for enterprise-scale agile software development announced today it is expanding its partnership with Scrum Inc, the world’s premier Scrum training and consulting provider to bring the first certified [email protected] classes to the United Kingdom. The first [email protected] course will be taught by Jeff Sutherland.

Software Engineering Method and Theory Organisation (SEMAT)

Key takeaways in article: *What issues can SEMAT help address within an organisation. *What is the best way to train people in the use of SEMAT so that its understood and used. *Why are the SEMAT cards important? *How can SEMAT be applied to the Enterprise, Programmes and Projects. *How can the use of SEMAT be scaled out across your organisation.

Achieve Rapid and Sustainable Agile Transformation

One of the biggest challenges with agile change programs is achieving lasting change. So often, external consultants are brought in to impart their expertise in specific areas, only for this expertise to disappear as soon as the consultants leave. Our goal is to help you to change culture and behaviours in a lasting way, so that you can become truly independent and self-sufficient in new ways of working.

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