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Agile Success

Spotlight on
Successful Agile Leadership
Introducing, Scaling & Measuring an Agile Transformation Programme

A Customer Panel Presentation

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About the Event and Speakers

Agile software development has become the norm for many organisations across a number of industries – products are being developed by small, self-organising, cross-functional teams, and delivered in small increments and continuously improved based on stakeholder input.

Senior executives play a critical role as change leaders to drive the success of an agile transformation programme. Agile leaders must encourage and empower cross-functional teams providing an environment where teams are engaged, accountable, responsible and delivering on customers’ requirements.

Each environment is unique and this Spotlight on Leadership Breakfast session will provide attendees with best practices for agile success based on three different scenarios.

Gary Dawson, Assistant Director Solutions Delivery at NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)

Gary Dawson, Assistant Director Solutions Delivery at NHS Blood and Transplant will share with audience members how the NHSBT, a risk-averse organisation due to the highly regulated and public focussed environment, moved from a waterfall environment to an agile one.

Specifically, Gary will discuss:

  • Improving the speed of successful change whilst not sacrificing quality or control
  • Building agile confidence across the organisation and ensuring senior stakeholders support to help drive cultural change
  • Delivering more value to the business faster and ensuring the organisation can cope with the rate of change
  • Ensuring an agile approach addresses the needs of regulators and regulations
  • Fostering the skills and mind-set for successful change

John Plumpton, VP & Senior Program Manager in Finance Risk and P&L at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has led a number of teams including senior managers through a successful business impacting IT agile transformation. Deutsche Bank has experienced greater transparency, enhanced program execution, improved team alignment and better code quality. John will present his thoughts on:

  • Managing multiple changing and sometimes conflicting priorities, along with multiple funding sources
  • Quickly aligning self-managing/self-improving teams spread around the globe (London, Spain, Ukraine, Russia and India)
  • Overcoming obstacles to success and key principles for successful change at Deutsche Bank
  • The power of providing more accurate forecasting and better transparency to the business

Brian Kerr, Principal Consultant at Ivar Jacobson International

A mistake that many organisations make is to think that agility is an end in itself rather than an enabler for better business performance. It’s critical for organisations to always remember why they are implementing an agile approach. Agile is all about improvement, which never finishes. A key enabler of continuous measured improvement is a solid performing accreditation programme. In this session, IJI Prinicipal Consultant will share best practices on:

  • How to create a self-sustaining, continuously learning organisation focused on delivering improved business results
  • How real teams overcome many of the typical barriers to uptake
  • How to build an accreditation framework
  • Key measurements for your dashboard and IJI’s Better Faster Cheaper Happier Measurement Framework

John Plumpton

John Plumpton

VP & Senior Program Manager in Finance Risk and P&L
Deutsche Bank

John Plumpton is a high-performing, delivery focused Senior Program Manager, with an outstanding record of achievement spanning 25 years in global financial services organisations; shaping, resourcing and leading complex transformational programs and delivering sustainable, innovative business solutions to improve operational performance, strengthen the customer relationship and enhance profits. During his time at Deutsche Bank, John has been responsible for a number of business impacting IT programmes from project governance, resourcing, prioritisation and delivery management to his present responsibility of delivering programmes that provide over €40m benefits realisation to the bank.

Gary Dawson

Gary Dawson

Assistant Director Solutions Delivery at NHS Blood and Transplant
Gary is responsible for an IT Delivery Portfolio valued at £30M including mandatory and regulatory programmes adhering to FCA, MHRA and Government (GDS) regulations across multiple platforms and technologies. As the Director of Solutions Delivery he was solely responsible for the introduction and implementation of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) into NHSBT; a highly regulated risk averse, purely waterfall public sector organization. Gary is a dynamic and highly inspirational global IT leader with proven track record of results. He has demonstrable success in global IT delivery, IT solutions, organisational change, service transition, building IT strategies, simplification, transformation, technology roadmaps, complex integration, Target Operating Models and large scale implementation of packaged, COTS and bespoke IT solutions.

Brian Kerr

Brian Kerr

Principal Consultant, IJI
Brian is an experienced agile coach, consultant, trainer, and change agent. He has spent the last 20 years in the software and IT consulting industry as a practitioner and coach, and is one of the Founders of IJI in the UK. Brian specialises in the adoption of key software development practices in a pragmatic and sustainable way. He has broad expertise in agile, iterative and incremental software development processes such as SCRUM, the Essential Unified Process, the Unified Process, and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). He has particular expertise in the requirements space and has used, taught and consulted in the Use Case approach for the last 20 years. Brian has experience across the entire development lifecycle encompassing business modeling, requirements management, user experience, architecture, analysis, design, test and project management. He works at all levels with individuals, teams, teams of teams, programs, coaching senior management, and strategic support to organizational improvement programs.

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