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Pragmatic Product Management Amsterdam Meetup

Presentation & Workshop

Ian Spence, Chief Scientist at Ivar Jacobson International, SAFe Fellow & SPCT

19 February 2018, 18:30 - 21:30
Hilversum, The Netherlands

Even a framework as good as SAFe suffers from “garbage in, garbage out” and requires effective Product Management to ensure the regular deliver of real benefit to the customers and investors. Beyond agility the key to any successful long-term success with SAFe is effective product management and true Feature flow.

Effective Product Management requires constant interaction with the customers and the developers, and awesome listening, negotiation, synthesis, communication and leadership skills. With this in mind this will be an interactive session driven from real-life Feature Kanban and Epic Forecasting Boards.

Ian will address issues such as:

  • The seven sins of Feature Preparation
  • Effective Feature Slicing
  • Forecasting and Estimating
  • Surviving in Complex Funding Environments
  • Managing Competing Customers
  • Establishing a Feature-Based Deployment Pipeline

IMPORTANT: Nike, Inc. has graciously accepted to host this meetup. Due to security access, it is imperative that you register to attend this event.

Your name and contact details must be submitted prior to 14 February and you must receive a confirmation email from Ivar Jacobson International to gain access to the building.


If you have questions about the Meetup, please submit an inquiry on our contact us page.