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IJI Essential Tools & Practices Bring Essence to Life

Essence – a standard that defines the smallest set of concepts that are common to all software projects – helps embed agile professional practices and governance across an organization for sustainable, scalable and responsive solution delivery.

You can get started with Essence by downloading our Alpha State Cards or order your own set of professionally printed cards to use with your teams. The cards help make health and progress visible to all in a language that everyone can understand. You can also download the app if you prefer to use the cards electronically.

Start your Essence experience with IJI’s Practice Library
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Other Essence Tools

Alpha State Cards

Alpha State Cards are a simple, easy way to track status of a software project and help plan next steps. Use the Alpha State Cards with games that help you track progress of your endeavors.


Alpha State Explorer App

Use the Alpha State Explorer app as a complement to physical Alpha State Cards to maintain one or more state boards within a team or project.


Practice Workbench

The Practice Workbench is a development environment for composing, authoring, collaborating and managing software development practices and methods.