An Introduction to Essence and TeamSpace


Why does Jeff Sutherland, co-founder of Scrum, say “Essence is the key to driving success”? Meanwhile, Scott Ambler, creator of Disciplined Agile, says: ”Essence is one of the most important things happening in the software engineering space”? Further, Joseph Pelrine, an experienced psychologist and Agilist stated: “I now consider Essence to potentially be the biggest step forwards in the methods space since the Agile Manifesto”? There are many more similar quotes from others.

The answer is that they have seen the many complementary, innovative perspectives of Essence. For you to also get “under the skin” of Essence, we have created many videos. The first video, to the right, is an introduction to Essence and the problem it addresses, and how it broadly tackles the problem. Subsequent videos present the many perspectives of Essence, and conclude with a forwardlooking video not to be missed. Once you’ve watched a video, you should scroll down this page and see more videos to learn more about Essence and its use cases, including how Essence is implemented in our tool, TeamSpace.

Please note: subtitles are available for all of these videos - just click the “Subtitles/Closed Captions (CC)” button, found two buttons to the left of the ‘YouTube’ logo at the bottom right of the video.

Background - History, provenance, and industry support

Interaction - User Experience, serious games, AI support

Technical - The technical detail of the language and specification

Whatever you do, don't forget this one - conclusions and next steps!

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