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Developing and Customizing Practices

The Practice Workbench is a comprehensive development environment for practices, and complements the EssWork platform by providing a robust, professional, and productive authoring and development experience. The Practice Workbench helps practice authors and method engineers to focus on the essential business values of practice and method descriptions, and makes it easy and intuitive to develop and deploy practices based on a kernel.

Based on the SEMAT Method Architecture, EssWork Practice Workbench comes with an interactive version of the Essence Kernel, and enables the creation of kernel extensions and practices as well as their composition into methods. Follow the links below to download the tool and the Essence Kernel.

  • Interactive presentation of the Essence Kernel
  • Practice authoring and extension using the Essence Language
  • Method composition
  • Innovative card-based representation
  • Publication of methods, practices and kernels as card-based HTML web-sites
  • Export to the EssWork deployment environment

Key Features

  • Easy creation and maintenance of practice elements through a model-based approach and dedicated forms
  • Easy to describe practice element guidelines through a simple light-weight markup language and a supporting editor
  • Straightforward to share practice results between users by the means of organized workspaces, projects, plug-ins; and built-in version control
  • Adopts the new Essence Language for kernel and practice specifications, which is about to become a new OMG standard (refer to

See complete list of features

Practice Workbench
Practice Workbench