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Lean-Agile Governance: Assessing the Health and Status of Lean-Agile Enterprises and Teams

A One Day Workshop Presented by Roly Stimson in Amsterdam


Lean and Agile comes in many flavours and is applied with varying degrees of rigor and formality at many different levels (team, project, program, value-stream, portfolio, enterprise).

A key challenge is how to maintain good governance, with appropriate oversight and risk coverage, to ensure that investments are well-directed and protected, but without impeding responsiveness or delaying customer value, thereby diminishing their overall value and effectiveness.

This hands-on workshop introduces and applies a number of simple but powerful tools to enable non-invasive governance in a heterogeneous and empowered lean-agile delivery organisation.

Target Audience

  • Team Leads / Agile Coaches / Facilitators / “Scrum Masters”
  • Quality / Compliance / Governance Processionals
  • IT Managers / Sponsors / Leaders
  • Lean-Agile Program/Project Managers (Release/Solution Train / Value Stream Engineers)
  • Process Improvement Change Agents / Process Groups / Process Engineers

Benefits & Take-Aways

  • Deploy clear and objective indicators of the status and health of any endeavour
  • Ensure transparency of status irrespective of chosen methodology (waterfall, lean, agile, …)
  • Define method-neutral quality gates for effective but non-intrusive lifecycle governance
  • Enable local-empowerment and flexibility of lean-agile practices without losing transparency
  • Objectively assess the coverage and adequacy of locally-tailored lean-agile ways-of-working
  • Use self-assessments to enable teams to inspect and adapt lean-agile working practices
  • Take-away ready-to-use enterprise and team health and status indicators and tools.

Workshop Content

You will learn how you can apply an industry-standard framework (Essence) to:

  • Establish the status of any Lean-Agile endeavour (Program/Project/Team)
  • Deploy simple but comprehensive method-neutral quality checks and gates
  • Rapidly assess any endeavour’s state of health (actual versus desired status)

You will use essential practices to learn how you can:

  • Empower teams to define their own locally-tailored lean-agile ways-of-working
  • Enable full transparency of approach (all teams are “saying what they do”)

You will apply lean-agile practice assessments to:

  • Assess quality of practices (are teams “doing what they say”)
  • Drive inspect-and-adapt improvement cycles at the team, cross-team and organisation level.

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